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The Exclusive Emperors & South Pole Expedition

The Exclusive Emperors & South Pole Expedition

Emperors & The South Pole is a luxurious expedition unlike any other, taking you to the southernmost point of the earth, the South Pole!

Your journey begins in Cape Town, South Africa where you will board a private jet to Antarctica. On arrival you will transferred to the luxury Whichaway Camp. The camp is equipped with six state-of-the-art heated sleeping pods and the communal areas include a lounge and dining room. This is where you will spend eight days in one of the remotest destinations in the world.

Adventure activities include kite skiing, exploring the ice waves, ice climbing and even abseiling. One of the greatest highlights of this unique adventure is the wildlife spectacle of the Emperor Penguin Colony, to see what few have witnessed, the ‘March of the Penguins’. You will also be privy to fascinating insights by polar explorer staff about this region and its historic world-breaking expeditions.

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