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Amke Brits

I love working in travel in Africa… South Africa and Africa is such a beautiful country to promote because it has such a diversity to offer, from its natural beauty and friendly citizens to the amazing cultural experiences one can enjoy.

My most memorable Grosvenor Tours experience… Seeing guests’ faces when they spot a lion for the first time on safari, or to experience the majesty of Table Mountain – once you experience Africa’s true shine it is remembered forever!

My favourite Southern African destination is the Kruger with its abundance of rare wildlife. There is nothing more breathtaking than hearing a lion roar 5 feet away from you and afterwards enjoying a sundowner while the African sunset as backdrop. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can’t be put into words!

My top travel tip for Southern Africa… Do not underestimate the size of the country. South Africa has such a diversity to offer—make sufficient time to explore each destination to ensure you don’t miss out on all that South Africa and Africa has to offer! Give Africa’s beauty a chance to shine and it will be a trip to be remembered!

What makes me an excellent travel consultant? Africa has numerous golden moments and it is my dream to unlock it for my clients.

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