Africa Travel Restrictions & Visas

Grosvenor Tours prides itself on being able to keep our travellers safe.
Stay informed at all times with the latest travel restrictions and visa requirements for Africa. This comprehensive up-to-the-minute guide gives you safety procedures and outlines documentation needed. It will help you understand where, when and how Africa’s borders are open for travel. Helping you answer questions such as, “when can I travel to South Africa” and “do I need a visa for Mozambique”. Keeping you up to date on a country’s quarantine policy, for example.

Check Visa Requirements and travel restrictions

Without the professional, timeous and effortless support from Zelda and her team this historical event would have been impossible and probably sub-standard. I can highly recommend them for your next event – be it big or small.

~ Thea Eiselen, World Federation of Nuclear Medicine And Biology Congress 2010

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