Corporate Social Responsibility

Our responsible social investments

We believe that tourism companies are the natural partners of conservation initiatives. Protecting Southern Africa’s spectacular natural beauty and diverse wildlife becomes sustainable when it happens hand-in-hand with improving the quality of life of rural communities.

TreadRight Foundation

Our not-for-profit, the TreadRight Foundation, encourages sustainable tourism by ensuring that people, wildlife and the environment remain protected for all generations to come. We believe in preserving the natural attractions and unique heritages of our planet. So far, the TreadRight Foundation has supported over 50 sustainable tourism projects around the world.

Responsible tourism

We believe that tourism companies are the natural partners of conservation initiatives. Protecting Southern and East Africa’s spectacular natural beauty and diverse wildlife is sustainable when it happens hand-in-hand with improving the quality of life of rural communities.

We make it possible for all our clients to gain unique insights, make authentic connections and contribute positively to improving people’s lives as a part of their tailor-made itinerary. Community and cultural visits and activities offer guests meaningful and life-enriching experiences in Southern and East Africa.

In addition, we provide many opportunities to support worthy, local community initiatives, groups and individuals. We source and recommend an array of high quality, unique gifts produced by local communities and enterprise development projects. We support and recommend a range of exciting entertainment provided by artists from or historically-disadvantaged community groups.

Make Travel Matter

In collaboration with our not-for-profit, the TreadRight Foundation, we are making a public commitment to Make Travel Matter for the better. Inspired by leading destinations across the globe, every one of our team members and sister companies worldwide are pledging and we pledge!

The Pledge

I will make my travel matter – for our planet, for people and for wildlife. When I explore this planet, I will do my best to tread right. I will refuse single use plastics when I can and recycle what I cannot avoid. When possible, I will offset my travels. When I meet new people, I will honour their home as I do my own and do so in the spirit of diversity and inclusion. I will purchase locally made items wherever possible and pay a fair price. When I experience wildlife, I will do so in nature. I will not ride animals that ought not be ridden, or support animal cruelty in any way. Together, we will tread right upon the earth – and we will make our travel matter.


As a proud part of The Travel Corporation family, we share the public commitment to eliminate all non-essential single-use plastics across all operations by 2022, alongside all other members of TTC.

Community Projects

Gifts That Make a Difference

We offer a carefully prepared portfolio of wonderful gifting ideas that are created by local enterprise development projects as well as a wealth of local craft artists. By selecting pillow, prize and function gifts that make a difference, every group can easily contribute to the improvement of disadvantaged people’s lives.

Vibrant Community-Based Entertainment

From world-renowned South African Jazz to traditional African dancing and storytelling, we offer an extensive selection of high quality, innovative entertainment that can enhance your group functions and events. We support many artists from disadvantaged communities, and by including them in your programme, you directly enhance their well-being.

Authentic Cultural Experiences

We are highly selective about the experiences that we offer, ensuring that all community tours, activities and events foster respect and sensitivity for both guests and members of the local community, creating truly rewarding experiences for all.

Donate and/or Volunteer

We arrange visits to worthwhile charities, facilitate meaningful donations and organise outstanding volunteer experiences that build team spirit and contribute to individual fulfilment. We are able to guide you towards genuine opportunities that will improve people’s lives, while offering the enjoyment of making a difference to your guests.

Without the professional, timeous and effortless support from Zelda and her team this historical event would have been impossible and probably sub-standard. I can highly recommend them for your next event – be it big or small.

~ Thea Eiselen, World Federation of Nuclear Medicine And Biology Congress 2010

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