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Kirsten Keun

I am passionate about guiding guests in Southern Africa because the region harbours unmatched cultural and natural diversity. With vast options of destinations and activities, itineraries can be prepared months in advance, or invented as we travel along.  Like my clients, Southern Africa is exciting, challenging and diverse.

My most memorable guiding experiences were in nature in my early days. I worked at game lodges, learning from rangers and trackers which prepared me well for the world of guiding. Recently, I have had memorable experiences with Brian May, Tori Amos and the Spanish Football team during the World Cup in South Africa.

My favourite Southern African destinations and experiences include Kgalakgadi, Land of the San, one of our under-rated parks offering amazing animal and birding experiences; a horse safari – if you are a rider and can ride for hours every day, this should be on your all time list. It is one thing to see wildlife in Africa, but totally another from the back of a horse; Fynbos hiking on Table mountain – we can depart from my house for this one. As we say in South Africa ‘Local is lekker’; also, surfing the South African coastline – it’s not for everyone, but if it’s you well then welcome to world-class un-crowded waves; Kruger Park – Icon of the bushveld safari; and Mozambique – this country has got the best beaches in the world, by far.

What makes me an excellent guide?  My formative years in the Blyde River Canyon equipped me with a thirst and feeling for cultural, adventure and nature experiences.   I love horse riding, surfing, diving, cycling and hiking. Work and life experiences ranging from Italy to Costa Rica introduced me to foreign languages, and I mostly work in Spanish or Italian. My guiding experience with clients stretches far beyond Southern Africa to Hawaii, the USA and St Kitts in the Caribbean. I am an MBA student and ambitious artist.

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