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Raheemah Meyer

I love working in travel in Africa because every bit I do can, in some way, contribute to conserving the endangered species of South Africa. If you have an interest in fauna and flora Africa will suit you perfectly!

My most memorable Grosvenor Tour experience is the opportunity I have of dealing with individuals in our groups personally.  I love the intimacy as it provides a good opportunity to go the extra mile and to keep clients comfortable.

My favourite Southern African destination… Cape Town is, by any standard, one of the most beautiful and compelling places to visit. With the iconic Table Mountain as backdrop, it is unlike any other city in the world—and one can quite literally experience “four seasons in a day”!  The tip of Southern Africa is right around the corner and you don’t have to travel too far to meet the magnificent Big 5. Cape Town is a must-see, and you have to experience it for yourself.

My top travel tip for Southern Africa… Connect—people will enrich your journey and their stories add to your overall experience. Also ensure you have enough space on your memory card so you don’t miss out on capturing every single moment!

What makes me an excellent travel consultant? I take great pleasure in learning about the behind the scenes logistics and planning of incentive travel. I enjoy new destinations, restaurants and event possibilities. The creative process that goes into compiling proposals is a big bonus and giving clients what they want is absolutely rewarding.

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