Conservation Travel – Become a Rhino Warrior…

Conservation Travel – Become a Rhino Warrior…

Tuningi Safari Lodge in the celebrated Madikwe Game Reserve offers a rare rhino experience for the true conservationist at heart.

This speaks to the latest travel trends which include travel that is not only immersive in nature but beneficial for the planet and its inhabitants.

At Tuningi, you have the chance to sponsor an event, such as rhino notching, horn infusion, DNA sampling and getting up close and personal with rhinos. You may also have the opportunity to dart a rhino from a helicopter and help the team take DNA samples, measurements and insert microchips.

Be on the ground with the experts in conservation, witness first-hand their fight against poaching and leave knowing that you have not only been introduced in a unique and positive way to the wildlife but that you have played an active role in the conservation of this iconic species.

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Image: Gavin Tonkinson