This safari mecca in the Great Rift Valley is one of two homes of the great migration, and conjures up thoughts of Pride Rock and the Circle of Life. To traverse the iconic Masai Mara Reserve, a place so famous for its scenic wildlife viewing, great migration and the traditional, semi-nomadic people who roam the area is a real treat. This country is also part of the African Great Lake system and is home to many beautiful parks, lakes and landscapes. The Masai Mara is synonymous with great wildlife encounters and the rich, cultural tradition of the Masai Mara people with their tall bodies, vibrant red dress, elaborate jewellery and particular way of dancing. Embrace the opportunity to visit these people and learn more about them and their ways. If you’re visiting Amboseli National Park, be sure to enjoy the best views of Mount Kilimanjaro, which also form the picture-perfect backdrop to hundreds of Africa’s big-tuskers. Game viewing here is great and the lush wetlands provide beautiful scenery. The freshwater Lake Naivasha is a beautiful, world-class birding destination with floating islands of papyrus reeds. It’s also home to many hippos and other wildlife, such as giraffes. Lake Nakuru is a soda lake best known for its outstanding numbers of flamingos—which love the warm, alkaline waters—and resulting colors of pinks, blues and greens. It’s also a sanctuary for Black and White rhinos. Other treasures include the dramatic and scenic Hell’s Gate National Park, where hiking, beautiful cliffs and gorges and wildlife viewing opportunities merge into a spectacular guest experience. Mount Kenya – Africa’s second highest mountain, coming in at a close second – also makes its home here in Kenya.

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Without the professional, timeous and effortless support from Zelda and her team this historical event would have been impossible and probably sub-standard. I can highly recommend them for your next event – be it big or small.

~ Thea Eiselen, World Federation of Nuclear Medicine And Biology Congress 2010

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