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Discover the world and experience the migration for yourself in a part of Africa so iconic and so worth your while. Giving someone a chance to witness the amazing Great Migration in Tanzania and Kenya makes for the ultimate action-packed safari adventure combined with those priceless, peaceful moments overlooking the African savannah at the dawn of a fresh, new day. Get ready for a spectacle of over a million flocking wildebeest, zebras and antelope moving between the Serengeti/Masai Mara ecosystem in search of fresh grazing and water. Have your video cameras ready for wildebeest calves being born and follow as the herds gradually move from Tanzania to Kenya in a one-of-a-kind wildlife show where you can expect massive columns of moving animals mating, migrating and fighting for their life, all from the comfort of a game drive. But as Africa is about the whole package and expecting the unexpected, going on a migration safari is about taking it all in and savoring each sublime, unique moment and every outstanding animal you encounter. See it all from above with a hot-air balloon flight, savor a bush dinner, have savannah sunset cocktails or delight in a picnic on safari in the open savannah! At Grosvenor Tours, we can help you do all this. We have the knowledge, expertise and network to facilitate a variety of activities that provide life-enriching and rewarding experiences for our guests while offering tangible benefits for the local communities and natural environment. Your Grosvenor Tours Incentives Specialist can easily put together an inspired, tailor-made program to meet all your requirements, and exceed your group’s expectations, for incentive groups of all sizes. We will be there to make the best recommendations for you so that your guests have a wonderful experience of this beautiful destination, as befits availability, the size of your group and your budget.

Incentive Highlights

  • It's the ultimate action-packed safari adventure
  • Witness the amazing Great Migration in Tanzania and Kenya
  • Experience peaceful moments overlooking the African savannah
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Without the professional, timeous and effortless support from Zelda and her team this historical event would have been impossible and probably sub-standard. I can highly recommend them for your next event – be it big or small.

~ Thea Eiselen, World Federation of Nuclear Medicine And Biology Congress 2010

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