Mindfulness in the Mother City…

Mindfulness in the Mother City…

Have you ever returned home from a vacation feeling like you need a vacation to get over your vacation? A wellness travel getaway could be just what you need – Cape Town finds itself at the top of the list for being the ideal wellness destination.

Practice your Tadasana (Mountain Pose) in a yoga session on top of Table Mountain, believed to be one of the planet’s 12 main energy centers, or be facilitated in a guided meditation or walk in a place believed by many to hold a special earth energy. Rejuvenate and reconnect with yourself and nature amidst superb surroundings, boosting the health of the planet in a truly spiritual sense.

Cape Town is a natural wonderland with adventure activities and an invigorating landscape. Imagine yourself learning the highly developed art of Tai Chi in the serenity of a beautiful garden or on a pool deck alongside endless ocean. With nature inviting you to unwind and connect into a calmer space, Cape Town also boasts some of the best spas and wellness centers.

The emphasis of wellness travel is to push pause, disengage from stressful thoughts and behaviors, open up to personal growth and engage with like-minded individuals. Enrich and explore these pauses with transformational catalyst healers and teachers and learn techniques that will enhance your sense of well-being, including “Coming back to balance”, “Focusing on manifestation” as well as “Healing and Awakening inner journeys”.

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