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How to Reduce Plastic Use on Your Next Trip  

How to Reduce Plastic Use on Your Next Trip  

With plastic’s devastating effect on the environment becoming increasingly serious, it is imperative that we band together to be part of a sustainable future for all. We’d like to offer you a few travel tips on how to reduce your plastic use on your next trip:

  • Choose eco-friendly accommodation that focuses on sustainability. It is easier to avoid plastic when your accommodation offers hassle-free alternatives.
  • Plastic free travel kits are life and world savers. It is estimated that over one billion plastic toothbrushes end in landfills in the USA alone! A brilliant alternative is using bamboo biodegradable toothbrushes.
  • Don’t be afraid to start plastic-free conversations. Talk to fellow travellers or local businesses that you believe could be doing more in the fight against plastic.
  • Choose a tour operator dedicated to sustainable travel. Grosvenor Tours has pledged to #maketravelmatter and to do our part to save the planet, preserve cultures and protect wildlife.

Let’s create a better future together.

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