Our Top Sustainable Travel Experiences…

Our Top Sustainable Travel Experiences…

Sustainable travel is gaining a great deal of traction within the travel sector and we couldn’t be happier about it.

When we create your #thegrosvenorexperience, we want your travels to matter, to have purpose and to benefit the environment and local communities.

Here are three of our top sustainable travel experiences:

  • A Private Robben Island Tour with Christo Brand, Nelson Mandela’s former prison guard. See this iconic destination through the eyes of the man who lived in that era with one of the world’s greatest heroes, Nelson Mandela, and the unlikely friendship of two men on opposing sides of Apartheid.
  • Grootbos Nature Reserve is a luxury eco-reserve that offers a Progressive Tourism Tour that will take you into the heart of this unique region and how everything from home-grown tomatoes to recycled candles in the rooms create sustainable livelihoods for the people who call this place home.
  • Philanthropic Cultural Tours encompass a range of the local South African experiences that can include urban agriculture, animal welfare, youth development through the medium of art, dance, choir singing, classical music, drumming, sport or arts & crafts. See South Africa through the eyes of a local while supporting their progression.

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