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The “City of Gold”, a place of prosperity, hope and opportunity

Visit Gold Reef City and take a journey underground to see how gold is mined. Gold Reef City is an amusement park located on an old gold mine and is themed around the gold rush that started in 1886. You will visit the local melt and see a gold bar being poured using a gold-containing ore vein. Afterwards, continue to the local mint where a special coin will be produced as a souvenir of your visit. After these exciting activities, enjoy a delicious lunch.

The “City of Gold”, a place of prosperity, hope and opportunity

Saxon Boutique Hotel, Villas & Spa, Sandhurst

This multi-award winning, world-class hotel offers guests unsurpassed luxury in idyllic setting close to all the entertainment of Sandton.   The Saxon offers discreet, personalised services in an ambiance of stately elegance.  The extraordinary contemporary African interiors harbour fascinating art and indigenous weaponry collections.  Guests can relax around the sparkling swimming with its underwater music set in ten acres of manicured garden. Cocktails are served in the Olive Bar, and the Chef and Sommelier will attend to guests’ every desire in the sumptuous dining area.

Saxon Boutique Hotel, Villas & Spa, Sandhurst

Enjoy vibrant and excellent community-based entertainment

There’s a wealth of talent in Johannesburg with a host of fantastic creative people providing music, theatre, comedy and dance entertainment.   From world-renowned South African Jazz to traditional African dancing and storytelling, there’s a wide choice of high quality, innovative entertainment that can enhance your group functions and events.  We are able to recommend many artists from disadvantaged communities, and by including them in your programme you directly enhance their well-being.

“Egoli”, The Place of Gold – Johannesburg (or Joburg) is fondly known as the “City of Gold” for the vast amount of gold deposits that were found and mined in the area. “Egoli” is the Zulu word for “Place of Gold”. Johannesburg was founded with the gold rush in 1886 and as such the country became the world’s largest producer of gold.

A diverse international destination – The largest city in South Africa and the second largest city in Africa, Johannesburg is a vibrant metropolis home to around 3.8 million people, similar in size to Los Angeles. It’s a bustling and vibey city that never sleeps, and a powerful economic hub – it’s the most powerful commercial centre in Africa!

Joburg is a diverse and unique place that offers many kinds of experiences, offering something for everyone. Learn about traditional cultures at various cultural villages or centres in the city, such as the Lesedi Cultural Village to the north. Be sure to also visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Cradle of Humankind, within easy reach of the city, in the north-west.  This “birthplace of humanity” is a complex of limestone caves where a large number of hominin fossils (including some of the oldest) have been found, including of course the most recent discovery of the Homo naledi fossil skeletons at a nearby site.

For another kind of cultural experience, visitors get to choose from more than 40 art galleries and a host of cultural institutes and studios.

From restaurants to pubs, clubs and shebeens, Johannesburg for sure has an electric nightlife to cater for anyone looking for a good night out. A visit to a shebeen (an informal drinking place, usually in a township) offers a truly authentic and up-close “eKasi” experience.

If you’re an avid shopper, you’ll be pleased to know that Joburg is also one of Africa’s premium shopping destinations. You’ll find a good array of fascinating locally crafted items, and many international brands at great prices at a variety of impressive malls.

History – Gold was first discovered on the Witwatersrand (“Ridge of White Waters”) in 1884 and mining activities started successively thereafter, but the first gold from the Main Reef on the Witwatersrand was obtained in 1885. This was followed by Johannesburg being laid out and founded in 1886, transforming South Africa from an agricultural society into the largest gold producer in the world! An astounding 40% of the earth’s gold has been found in the Witwatersrand, the reef on which the city was built.

Weather and best time to visit – Situated on the Highveld plateau, Johannesburg has a drier climate (especially when compared with South Africa’s east coast). Summers are hot with typical late afternoon thundershowers that seem to come out of nowhere and are over in about half an hour but bring beautiful and cool relief to the heat of the day. Winters are very dry with sunny, cool days that can alter into very cold nights; minus degrees are not unheard of!


Welcome to the City of Gold

The bustling metropolis of Johannesburg (known to locals as Joburg or Jozi) is the largest city in South Africa by population and also its economic centre. While Joburg is not one of South Africa’s three capital cities, it is home to the Constitutional Court where judgements are based on the highest law in the land.

Dubbed the City of Gold, Joburg was built on the mineral-rich Witwatersrand hills during the gold rush that started in the late 1800s. Today, it is still home to a large-scale gold and diamond trade and remains the wealthiest metropolitan region in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is the seat of big corporations and home to some of the most innovative minds on the continent.

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