Why You Should Book a Horseback Safari in Africa…

Why You Should Book a Horseback Safari in Africa…

Africa’s enigmatic wildlife often steals the spotlight when traveling to this continent and everyone wants a close encounter with the creatures that roam our wild landscapes.

The classic option is to do a safari from the comfort of a game vehicle, but there’s an undeniable elation being on safari on the back of a horse.

Horseback safaris often allow you to go into territory that isn’t accessible by vehicle, making your presence unobtrusive. You and your horse are considered to be another animal to the incredible species you are viewing and the horses themselves are a highlight. Africa boasts a wide range of horse breeds selected for their ideal temperament and riding ability. You will find yourself forming a close connection with your steed as well as the passionate riders who will ensure your safety.

Sitting in the saddle meters away from a rhino or an elephant creates a sense of deeper immersion into nature and offers the ultimate freedom, cantering along with the wind in your hair, the sun on your face and Mother Nature all around you. Every horseback safari is different and the spontaneity is addictive.

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