A Bit of Botswana…

A Bit of Botswana…

Botswana—the land of the famous Okavango Delta and unforgettable Chobe National Park.

This is the kind of place you come to to experience true, pristine Mother Nature in wide-open and remote lands.

The Okavango Delta with its network of channels is one of those special places which merit a visit for a nature experience unlike any other! It’s a place where hippos rule the day and tall palm trees sway in the sky above distinct landscapes dotted with elephants while traveling in a mokoro with locals who know the ins-and-outs of the delta’s channels.

Chobe is Botswana’s well-known, flagship park. The park offers wild and real experiences to encounter nature in all its shapes and forms in a pristine setting of bushlands and active waterways. Guests here cover water and land in the quest for wildlife encounters and for a chance to get closer to nature. Hop into a safari vehicle and run the roads for real encounters with the Big 5 and all of nature’s big and small creatures – or experience calming but exciting river boat cruises to discover the animals that enjoy frequenting the river shores.

With our Travel Experts’ firsthand experience in this destination and the variety of camps and lodges, let us plan your unforgettable Botswana experience!