Plug into Woodstock’s Hipster Vibe…

Plug into Woodstock’s Hipster Vibe…

If you’re looking for a place in Cape Town with that edgy cool factor that the hipsters lap up, then there’s no better place than Woodstock and its heart, the Old Biscuit Mill.

It’s where creativity has sprouted an urban playground and where good coffee isn’t hard to find.

The Old Biscuit Mill comes alive on Saturday mornings at its Neighbourgoods Market, with over 100 speciality traders selling everything from handmade shoes and vintage items to fresh produce and jewelry. It’s also home to The Test Kitchen and The Pot Luck Club, the foodie brainchildren of celebrity chef Luke Dale-Roberts, who frequently picks up prestigious awards in the culinary scene.

Once you’ve sated your shopping and food cravings, hop on over to Hope on Hopkins, a short walk away from the Mill, for a gin tasting. The tasting room overlooks the distillery and you can see how the magic of crafting awesome gin happens. You could also take a guided graffiti tour through Woodstock’s streets where colors pop out of walls and artistic talent is a visual feast. Woodstock is an eclectic hub of activity that beckons to be explored.

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