A visit to Mozambique’s remote, private islands is a visit to a luxurious paradise. This is African island-style living at its best, where your hardest choice would be deciding between the variety of beautiful beachfront accommodation or picking out your seafood for the day.

Stunning archipelagos, vibrant turquoise seas, warm, shimmering beaches and palm trees that stand time still set the scene for any visit to the coast of Mozambique. A cocktail in hand and a beach towel and sunblock at the ready will prepare you for this idyllic subtropical paradise! And to better prepare you: Mozambique’s official drink is Rum & Raspberry – or just R&R.

Become familiar with the feeling of sand in-between your toes before crossing over into a fascinating underwater world. The country has two marine parks: Bazaruto Archipelago Marine National Park and Quirimbas Archipelago Marine National Park. Admire sea life, pristine coral reefs and scenic underwater beauty in the vast and unspoiled marine ecosystems that stretch along Mozambique’s extensive coastline. Snorkeling and diving will transform you and give you a veritable appreciation of these delicate marine life balances.

Worried that you might miss out on an African safari? Never fear; Mozambique offers dhow safaris where you traverse through pristine waters in a peaceful oceanic setting onboard traditional Arab-style sailing boats!

Throughout your stay in Mozambique, embrace the opportunity to learn about the country’s interesting natural history as well as its culture, people and their inspiring history. Set your watch to island time and slow down to the rhythm of another world!

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~ Thea Eiselen, World Federation of Nuclear Medicine And Biology Congress 2010

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