Journey to the Land of a Thousand Hills and discover remote, verdant, green lands of volcanic mountains that are sanctuary to gorillas and where lush, green hills give way to thriving tea and coffee plantations. Visit endangered Mountain gorillas in their natural habitat when you trek through the misty Virunga Mountains in Volcanoes National Park, where 28 Mountain gorilla families call home. Encounter a species of animal that is so like us in many ways yet at the same time so vulnerable. This is also the place to go in search of the endemic Golden Monkey, a troop of which has been habituated and lives in the bamboo forests on the lower volcanic slopes. Touring the tea and coffee plantations near Nyungwe National Park and Gishwati Forest National Park will give you a more thorough outlook of this country and what keeps it alive. Tea is Rwanda’s largest export and its coffee beans are in serious demand, too! Take a tour and learn about the life of tea and coffee before it reaches your shelves back home. The country also finds itself in the African Great Lakes region and offers up beautiful lakes that beg to be explored. Remote, open savannahs in the east provide safari opportunities off the beaten track, so there is always something to do in this land of hidden beauty.

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Without the professional, timeous and effortless support from Zelda and her team this historical event would have been impossible and probably sub-standard. I can highly recommend them for your next event – be it big or small.

~ Thea Eiselen, World Federation of Nuclear Medicine And Biology Congress 2010

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