To our friends in travel

To our friends in travel

I am hesitant to start a letter with reference to COVID-19 , as I suspect if you have not had all the insight, speculation, protocol and concern being raised about the pandemic, daily, then there is a good possibility that you are not earth bound.

Allow me to rather use the few words to share, by focusing on some good news, as we navigate the world of travel into a new era, with a refreshed responsible mannerism on how we conduct ourselves to ensure a pleasant experience, with great memories to be made.

Grosvenor Tours pride ourselves by creating tailored experiences Beyond the Expectation of our past visitors, and future travelers. Our continent, none different to others, with sought after destinations and experiences, have realized the limitation that strict cancellation policies and none-refundable deposit will have on the consideration of a destination for future travelers.

It is therefore important for me to inform you that we have given our terms & condition of travel significant attention. Yes, you will still need to commit to certain deposits to secure the services in your tailored itinerary, but should your travel dates be affected by COVID related influences, we shall give you the choice to either postpone, or accept a full refund of your payments received by us. As there are multiple variables to each tailored program, the terms will be made clear to you prior your commitment. In life all is about good balance, and partnership. Our partners in travel value each arriving visitor as much as we do, but we would expect a client to divert any amends to their program by 60 days prior their arrival, this will provide our partners in travel a reasonable timeframe to resell any cancelled services.

It is evident that the pandemic has had an economic impact on a large part of our global citizens; being mindful of this, we are delighted to share that we are holding our 2020 rates into 2021. It is off course always in your favor to book in advance, as it provides you a broader choice of available experiences, be it accommodation, restaurants or any unique experience with a limited capacity. Booking in advance gives us the opportunity to realize your perfect program, and knowing that you are at no risk of any cancellation fees should COVID-19 cause your flights, or travel plans to be restricted by the law or policies of either your own country, or the country to be visited.

While the world has been hibernating our way through Covid-19, the Grosvenor Tours team have used the opportunity to sharpen on destination knowledge on Southern & East Africa. We have enjoyed the time to review our customers experience, to ensure we surpass the expectations of our valued guests. So it is with confidence that I can proudly say your engagement with any of our skilled team of travel planners will give you access to the latest insights and guidance to perfect experience.

JR Eliot said “If you visit to two continents in a lifetime, then make sure to visit Africa twice”. I can not think of words more true.

For my 25 years in travel, there are too many great memories to recall, be it the open expanse of the Masai Mara & Serengeti, experiencing the annual migration, or the tranquility of floating over the open plains in a hot air balloon; the close encounters with the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda, or the natural diversity of South Africa with is exceptional food and wine culture in Cape Town and its surrounds. The Victoria Falls with its “Smoke that Thunders” from May to October, or the natural theatre of the Okavango Delta. The dunes Of Namibia with starlit skies, or the close encounters with the Big Five in the game reserves in South Africa.

Yes, I can keep on going, but hate to lose you in conversation. So if you are looking for a destination that allows for natural social distancing, with limited to no crowds, where over tourism is not possible due to the limited capacity of our many beautiful safari lodges, then please know, Southern and East Africa is travel ready, and we look forward welcoming you “home” to the cradle of mankind


Peter-John Mitrovich