Microlight flight over The Falls

Microlight flight over The Falls

One of our adventurous Travel Experts Raheemah took to the skies in a Microlight flight for a 15 minute Flight of the Angels – an exhilarating introductory flight over the Victoria Falls, the islands near the Falls and thundering Zambezi River. She tells us all about her incredible experience…

“My first time visiting Zambia, one of the most exhilarating and spectacular activities has to be the Microlight flight over the Victoria Falls. What was a gorgeous afternoon in April turned out to be one of the best experiences I won’t ever forget.

A short transfer from our lodge in Livingstone to the Batoka Sky location, the anticipation and nerves had me restless the evening before. On arrival, we were given a safety briefing, escorted to the aircraft and tucked in securely by the staff who ensure that you are comfortable and hyped up because little do you know you are about to return as a new person.

Off to the runway and as you take off, you feel the light wind in your face and are already taken away by the incredible sights of the Zambezi River, the lush landscape, and the wildlife which grazes so peacefully down below. The informative pilot was undeniably extraordinary, casually chatting about history of the gorges, the Falls, speaking about the villages as well treating me to a very low flight to see the animals below, the family of hippos all huddled up close together. The herd of elephants ingesting the leaves unaware of their surroundings or the giraffes just elegantly strolling about their day oblivious to their environment.

Completely open, no glass windows or doors, you sit behind your pilot, on a raised seat giving you the optimal viewing pleasure of sights all around. Still thinking about the 15-minute time limit and how I don’t want my journey to be over just yet, we fly over the Victoria Falls and suddenly time stands still.

Goosebumps come over my body as we approach the Falls, the light showers that I can feel on my skin from so high up, the Falls were in full majestic force gushing down, the most intense and powerful display of water I have ever seen, what a surreal experience, the world unaware of the tears rolling down my cheeks, what a humbling experience.

Quickly my guide and pilot encourage me to pose for some pictures which I am thrilled I didn’t have to take myself, what a brilliant way to ensure that you enjoy your flight for all it is and not be troubled by overlooking to take some memories along with you. The cameras which are mounted on the aircraft wings capture both high-resolution photos and video footage of the scenery as well as your full experience.

As we head back, mentally preparing myself for landing this uncovered aircraft, before you know it, we’re on the ground, the smoothest and most enjoyable landing. All nervousness a thing of the past and so incredibly thankful and appreciative of this once in a lifetime experience.”