There’s More to the Cape Winelands…

There’s More to the Cape Winelands…

We won’t deny that the biggest drawcard for the Cape Winelands is the wine but it’s far from the only thing that you can enjoy!

The Cape Winelands is a foodie haven. Some of the country’s best restaurants are found here and they put “gourmet” into gourmet cuisine.

Country markets are mostly a weekend delight in this region and there are a few that include a slow food market, a night music market and a family market—just a little something for everyone!

Have you ever tried riding a horse through a picturesque vineyard? Take a gallop through the countryside and revel in the Winelands’ natural beauty.

Good food and wine go hand in hand with exceptional art—and art galleries abound here. You’ll spend hours enjoying a visual feast! Book stores are also popular here and will keep the bookworms occupied while in search of their favorites.

For those keen on history, the Winelands offer fascinating glimpses into the distant past, such as the low security prison where Nelson Mandela spent three years of his prison sentence.

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