What our clients say

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for the excellent service and the wonderful experience you created for our delegates. They could not stop talking about Signal Hill. Your tour guides were amazing and managed to control the traffic situation and still keep our delegates in high spirits.

Our ladies on the spousal tour had loads of fun and were even more thrilled when they had an opportunity to meet Chef Reuben.

Please also thank your CEO for taking time out of his hectic schedule to engage with our stakeholders at the Westin.

It was a great week and you assisted us in hosting a successful event.
Fatima Hoosen

I just wanted to thank all of you for helping to make our first Gohagan South Africa program so successful! I know all of you worked closely with Wendy in my office to make all the arrangements over the past several months and deeply appreciate all the time and effort that goes into a program such as this..especially since there are multiple departures. The first program went extremely well and we got off to a fantastic start in Johannesburg and really did not miss a beat during the entire program. A few annoyances with passport controls etc but it was a fantastic first trip. I so appreciate Carlynne being so available and her willingness to be flexible and answer my gazillion questions! Her Run Sheets are my bible! and am so appreciative of all the time and effort she puts into those..they are a lifesaver I am quite sure everyone in the group when they got home, raved about the program and told all their friends and neighbors they MUST come to South Africa!The next group arrives tomorrow and I have 2 more after that and am greatly looking forward to doing it all again! 3 more times! Thank you all so much again for everything ! and here’s to another successful program!
Ms Robin Mort
Senior Travel Director
Gohagan & Company

I just wanted to thank you so much for arranging the MIT reunion. Everyone had such a wonderful time, I think it was a very special holiday and time together. You were really excellent, I was delighted with how it all went. I will certainly look for opportunities to work with you in the future. All the best
Jurie Strydom

Thank you to you, and Peter John and all of the drivers, guides and services. This was the most incredible trip and my clients, family and friends have nothing but positive things to say about it all! I hope we work together again very soon! Warm Regards,

Recently I had an opportunity to meet and see Grosvenor Tours in action. They were the best DMC I’ve ever seen in operation. They were incredibly professional, knowledgeable and have exceptional attention to detail. It was unlike any DMC experience I’ve ever had. Typically I would not bring this to your attention, but seeing the below email and understanding the importance of supplier relationships I wanted to share the experience I had with Grosvenor Tours. If you have any questions please do let me know.
Tami Teaford-Williams
Senior Meeting Event Manager

I wanted to send you a very heartfelt thank you for all the time, effort and investment you put into our program last week. We recognize that putting on programs like these requires significant time and a large financial investment, so thank you for giving us this opportunity so we can better sell South Africa to our clients.

I mentioned to Wim and Yoko that it is incredibly difficult to select a DMC to work with on such large programs without having prior experience or a relationship with them. By giving us the time to see how you operate, meet your on-site staff, and hear about your experiences in the industry with previous groups gives us the knowledge and the confidence to place our trust with you with our own future programs. It was also great to see that you are committed to quality with your policy not to host more than 3 or 4 programs per month (please correct me if that number is wrong) to ensure that each program receives the level of attention they require.

I know I mentioned this quite a few times, but I was extremely impressed with your knowledge of your destinations. While I have worked with many DMC’s who know what hotels and activities are available, you appear to know the destination and your local partners inside and out, which is a testament to your experience in the industry.

Lastly, the differentiating factor to me was seeing your relationship with the suppliers you work with, and how many people I spoke with at Meetings Africa who know you and work with you frequently. It is clear that you are very well known and well respected in South Africa, which re-confirms what reputable company Grosvenor Tours is. While I was able to see that for myself during the week, having this reaffirmation by so many individuals further confirmed my confidence in you.

As for the destination, I mentioned as well that each of the three destinations we visited was nothing like what I expected. They exceeded my expectations by far. I could not say what I was expecting for Cape Town prior to visiting, but looking out of my room window at Table Bay was such a wow moment – the memory of looking out onto the waterfront for the first time is so vivid. Being able to see Table Mountain and experience it first hand was an incredible experience as well. While we only received a small taste of what Cape Town has to offer, I know it left all of us eager to return and discover more.

Our time at Sabi Sabi and Kapama lodges was also spectacular – this goes without saying. Not only were the safaris unforgettable experiences (and so different from Masai Mara), but the lodges were exceptional. I have seen many beautiful properties, but I can’t recall anything that has wowed me as much as the lodges we visited. They were all so unique and unexpected, with the most beautiful backdrop I have ever seen.

I’m looking forward to discussing more with you on the logistics for our groups. The next hot buttons for us is to see what venues there are that can accommodate a group of 200-240 (the group may grow by 2018) in Cape Town, and what our program would look like. Once we have both had time to get caught up, I’d love to send you our program grid to see what your thoughts are in order to get more information before the proposal process in September/October.
Dana Thibeault

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